MelvinSaidJess #13: The Hair Comb

I know. This title is a little weird, but I thought it worth noting since a good amount of effort went into it.

Remember that pattern we used on our invitations?  And remember how I used it on multiple printed pieces?

Well, I also used it on a DIY hairpiece for the wedding reception. When it came to the reception, I traded my veil for a handmade hair comb.


I spent an evening crafting hair combs using stuff I found a Michaels. I wanted to try it out before I fully committed to wearing one. The first one I created came out nicely.


Since the process of making one wasn't too bad, I figured I'd try another idea. One that was a little more cohesive to our wedding "theme" and my personality. 

Using the pattern we had used on the back of our invitations, I created a couple of paper roses that I then glued onto a silver hair comb. To add some additional visual interest, I broke apart a beaded garland I bought from Michaels and used it as filler. 


This one was a winner for me. The beaded garland part wasn't the fanciest, but I loved that I was able to incorporate our pattern into this piece. 

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