MelvinSaidJess #14: The Team

Every wedding has set of vendors that help pull your wedding day together.

While I largely relied on the vendor list provided by our wedding venue, there were two "vendors" I knew I'd use regardless of whether or not they were a "preferred vendor" by our venue's standards.

The first vendor we booked was our photographer, Amber Schoniwitz at Schyne Photography. Amber was one of my best friends in middle and high school. Having her capture our wedding day was extremely special, not just because of what I previously mentioned, but also because there was a beautiful symmetry to how her love of photography grew at the same time my relationship with Melvin grew. I remember back in 2010, when Melvin first visited me in Hawaii, Amber was just starting out with photography. She did our very first photo shoot back then, and another fun set here in the Bay Area a few years ago. We also asked her of she would take our engagement photos, so there was no questioning it. We wanted her to shoot our wedding, too. And come on, how gorgeous have the photos been? 

 Photography by Amber Schoniwitz at Schyne Photography

Photography by Amber Schoniwitz at Schyne Photography

Our second vendor has played a big role in my life. He has a very busy schedule, so I was thrilled that he said yes to being a part of our special day. That person was my boss. He has been such a huge support for me and Melvin, even before we were engaged. A number of things led me to actually asking him to be our officiant, and it was such a blessing having him there. I could not imagine having a better speech written up for our wedding — one so beautifully tailored to our interests and wonderfully spoken. I'll share more on that later.

Additionally, we had several more fantastic vendors:

Artificial Flowers: Balsam Hill

Wedding Linen: The Wedding Linen Company
They have a fun little shop in Pearl City. I had so much fun looking through their linen options and deciding whether or not we wanted gold vs. champagne. Satin vs... well, whatever other options they had that I don't know the name of. I love that they had tables that we could "mock up" a look on and see what worked and what didn't.


Hair & Makeup: Heather Heen at Delish Makeup Artistry
Heather and her team were super fun. The entire time we were getting ready the morning before the wedding, we were just cracking jokes and laughing alongside her and her team. Besides that, I loved my hair and makeup, not to mention the hair and makeup of my bridal party and mom. I remember Heather being extremely flexible when I asked her the morning of if we could do my hair differently than what we did during the trial run. She also did a wonderful job with my mother-in-law and sisters-in law's hair.

Emcee & DJ: Tony So at The DJ Hawaii
Tony did a fantastic job emceeing and DJ-ing. He kept the crowd on the dance floor and the party flowing. He did a great job with minimal guidance from me and Melvin. Other than one Spanish song that most of the guests didn't understand, but was NOT the kind of song you play at a wedding, it was great! I recommend that if you have your DJ play music in a different language, make sure you provide them with a specific list so stuff like that doesn't happen.

Wedding Planner: Jill Easley at Easley Designs
Jill and her team were incredibly helpful. Melvin and I opted for a Day-of Wedding Planner package, and it was just what we needed. After providing Jill and team the information of all the vendors, they made sure everyone knew when they needed to arrive and where they needed to go. We didn't have to worry about a thing. On the plus side, they also do floral designs, so Jill helped put our bouquets together.

Photo Booth: Noob Entertainment
For our photo booth, we decided to save on some cost by not having our photos be printed. We provided a flash drive to collect the photos. Though, I must admit, I haven't printed any yet. Haha. They had props available for use, but we, of course, provided our own in support of my love for Harry Potter and his love for Star Wars.

Videographer: Ian Fernandez at IMF Visions
Ian's team did a great job at capturing the moments before our wedding and the ceremony itself. They were also very accommodating when it came to customizing a package that suited our budget.

Again, we couldn't have done it without our amazing team of vendors. If you're considering any one of these vendors and have more questions, I'd be more than happy to try to answer them. :)


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