MelvinSaidJess #15: The Planning

Wedding planning is project management... which is fine. I enjoy project management, but when you do project management at work, and then you have to do it after work for your wedding... Let's just say, I was over it really quickly.

I think my biggest struggle was the fact that this was all happening across the ocean. I think if I had a more hands-on experience with it all, I probably would've had more fun.

In the 10 months we were engaged, I got to go home to Hawaii twice to have some of those experiences. In November of 2016, Melvin and I went home to go to the venue for the first time and do a food-tasting. We had already booked the venue, but it was incredibly exciting to be on the ground experiencing it in all its grandeur. We were really excited about the food-tasting and were very happy with how it tasted. (Thank God we had that experience since we didn't really eat at our wedding.) We also had our first meeting with our DJ and gave him a general sense of the music we wanted to have playing that day.

I got to visit again the following February. During that trip, I got to decide what linens we wanted to go with for the reception. My mom and I met with our photo booth vendors, and we met with our wedding planner to iron out some of the details.

Overall, I think my least favorite part was contacting vendors and emailing back and forth and back and forth. Again, I probably wouldn't have minded it so much if I wasn't busy doing the same thing for work.

All this to say...

The movie, The Wedding Planner, gave me really unrealistic expectations of what wedding planning was like. Hahaha.

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MelvinSaidJess #16: The Flowers