MelvinSaidJess #3: The First Look

MelvinSaidJess #3: The First Look

The First Look was, by far, one of my top 3 favorite parts of our wedding day.

We had decided early on that we wanted to do a First Look before the ceremony. We liked the idea of having a private moment before we committed ourselves to one another in front of our friends and family and, of course, before the partying started.

Our transportation was scheduled to arrive at the venue approximately 10-15 minutes prior to Melvin and his groomsmen arriving. Once we got there, we hung out in the hospitality room just waiting for the guys to arrive. While waiting, the wedding planner scouted the place for a location for our first look. It didn't take long before one of the wedding planner's assistants came in to let us know that the guys arrived.

Melvin was shuttled back outside to a little bridge where they instructed him to face the opposite direction from where I'd be arriving. Then, I got the OK to leave the hospitality room.

Now, remember, our wedding venue had glass walls, so I could see Melvin from inside.

Let me tell you... when I first saw him standing out there waiting for me, I started to cry. (I'm tearing up right now just reliving it.) My knees literally buckled, and I had to pace back and forth because I couldn't hold myself up just standing.

 Photo courtesy of my older sister

Photo courtesy of my older sister

I was overcome with emotion — overwhelming joy and a little bit of disbelief that, in a few hours, the man that I was looking at was going to become my husband.

After I had some time to compose myself, I was brought down to the bridge to meet Melvin. He was instructed to face one direction before I made my way to him.


Instead of tapping him on the shoulder to turn around, we took a moment to exchange letters we had written to one another earlier that morning.

I cried some more... Obviously.


Then, when we were done, we were given the "ok" to turn around and face each other.


And then, per usual, I helped him with his tie. Haha.

When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to tie a tie so that I could do that for my future husband. Call me a hopeless romantic, but that's just one of those things I really wanted to do. 

When we first started dating, Melvin had all his ties pre-tied and hanging on a hanger. I asked him if he kept them tied like that because he didn't know how to do it himself. He said yes, and that was just perfect.

So, in honor of that, he waited till we were together on our wedding day to have me help him tie his tie. 


And my favorite wedding photo came out of this moment...

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