MelvinSaidJess #4: The Unexpected

Here's some real talk.

Unexpected stuff happens. That is the reality of life...

Your future husband and his brother get stung by jellyfish the night before the wedding. (True story. Maybe I'll have Melvin do a write-up on that.) You forget to bring your wedding favors to the ceremony/reception site...

People die.

I think, by now, most people know, but, if not, here goes...

My grandpa passed away just a few days before our wedding. One year ago today, to be exact.

While I knew he wasn't going to be attending the wedding because he had been bedridden for several years, it was difficult to digest.

My grandpa was admitted to the hospital a couple days prior to our arrival, and the doctor gave him till the Friday before we were scheduled to arrive. He held on, though. We flew in on Saturday and got to visit him in the hospital. My family from New Jersey, including one of my grandpa's sisters, flew in shortly after us and got to see him, too. 

Then, on May 17, 2017, my grandpa took his last breath with his wife and one of his sisters in the room.

It was a really bittersweet time for our family. It was incredibly sad to lose a husband, brother, dad, uncle, grandpa, and great grandpa, but the fact that our family had come together for the wedding also allowed them to be there to say goodbye.

Rest in Love, Amang.


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