MelvinSaidJess #6: The Favors (aka The Minor Oversight)

This particular topic makes me laugh that :sweat-smile: emoji laugh.

When considering favors, we wanted to have something functional for our guests to take home with them. I thought about snacks because, hello...

Buuut... then we decided we wanted something more long-lasting and functional. 

So, we chose bottle openers. Beautiful gold palm tree bottle openers from Kate Aspen. They have a bunch of cute bottle opener favors as well as décor for other special occasions, but we wanted to stick with our Hawaii theme. Hence, the palm trees.

When we got them in the mail, they came with their own backing, so I decided to customize it to our wedding by creating a new backing for it using our wedding pattern.


Now, for those of you that attended our wedding, you're probably thinking, "Wait, I didn't get one of those?"

And you'd be right.


Because I forgot to transport them from our hotel room to the wedding venue.

So, while we were out partying, the favors were sitting in a piece of luggage in our hotel room. 

Not my finest moment, but you could say I was preoccupied with other things that day. 

That said, I have a bunch of palm tree bottle openers. Let me know if you want one. Haha.



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