MelvinSaidJess #8: The Somewhat Surprise Performance

MelvinSaidJess #8: The Somewhat Surprise Performance

I do not claim to be a great singer, and I will shy away from singing karaoke (though if you get me to do it, I will most likely put on a performance).

But, I will sing (most times grudgingly) with my sisters. We grew up singing together... at church, at family parties, etc. So, when it came time to plan entertainment for the wedding, I kept it simple and figured we'd surprise everyone with a song.

At first, I wanted us to sing "When God Made You" by Newsong feat. Natalie Grant, but after singing it a few times for practice and not being able to get through it because I started crying, I figured that probably wasn't the best idea. Haha. For real, though. When I would practice, I would imagine singing those words to him and fall apart.

So I chose a safer song that I really liked called "My Destiny" by Jim Brickman and Jordan Hill. I sent my sisters the lyrics and highlighted who would sing what. We practiced on our own (kinda) and practiced seriously when we finally were all together in Hawaii for the wedding. 

What was extra fun to plan was how we were going to surprise everyone with the song.

It started with them setting up a couple of chairs at the front for Melvin and I to sit in. Not sure how many people caught this part, but when we were getting situated in the chairs, my older sister dropped a mic in my lap. Then my sisters said something about wanting to sing us a song. Jen started it of with minor tweaks to the words. 

Instead of "What if I never knew... What if I never found you..." she sang "What if she never knew... What if she never found you... She'd never have this feeling in her heart..." Then it was my turn. :)


Now, Melvin knew we were going to sing, but he didn't know what we were going to sing. I think the people most surprised were Melvin's family, who, up until that point, had no idea that I sang. So, that was fun. Haha.

Also, look at my parents in that photo. Haha. They love hearing their daughters sing. <3

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