Bloom and Bites Floral Workshop

Bloom and Bites Floral Workshop

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Just in time for Valentine's Day. <3

I've always loved receiving flowers — bouquets or single stems, but I've never been one to buy them for myself. I just have a hard time getting past the point of paying for something that doesn't last long in my home.

However, this past Sunday, I had the opportunity to go to a floral arrangement workshop hosted by crEATprojectHQ and Annie Heath of Ida Blooms, and that may have changed my viewpoint on them entirely.

With preselected flowers and greens, Annie walked us through processing the stems, artfully arranging them, tying them off, and wrapping them. I loved the 3 "ingredients" when creating arrangements that she shared with us:

  1. Thrillers: the main flowers in your bouquet, the stunners
  2. Fillers: exactly what it sounds like, flowers and greens that help fill the bouquet (in our bouquets' case, the spray roses, eucalyptus leaves, and Israeli ruscus)
  3. Spillers: pieces that spill over (ex. the eucalyptus silver dollar)

Easy enough to remember. A little harder to execute.

Nevertheless, here is my first attempt at creating a bouquet. I'm pretty happy with it, and it makes me pretty happy seeing (and smelling) it in our bedroom. I'd definitely be willing to do this more often, and I'll gladly take company if anyone wants to join me at the flower mart!


Did I mention that Melvin came with me? That's right. My friend wasn't able to make it, so Melvin willingly volunteered to join me, and I'm happy to say that he enjoyed it. He thought it was very therapeutic. :) He gave me permission to share his bouquet too. 


All in all, we both had a great time. We both enjoyed working with flowers. And, I think, we'd both be willing to do this again.

Thank you again, Annie, Jess, and Skylar for this opportunity!


Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach.

Bob Goddard

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