Why I love shopping in Hawaii

I love shopping. I've been more of an online shopper in recent years, but when I'm home in Hawaii, the game changes. 

I found myself in H&M yesterday while hanging out with one of my closest friends. They were having a big sale, so naturally all the red sale signs drew me in.

Now, if there's a big sale somewhere, you will always only find me in the sale section. That's just they way it goes. It just so happened that it was a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale in store. I don't usually shop at H&M, but I figured why not see if there's something I'll like. I highly doubted that I'd take advantage of that deal. Nevertheless, I started out in the dress section picking out a few things I thought were cute and putting back a few I was mildly concerned about due to their thickness – or lack thereof.

Then I hit the jackpot. The reason why I love shopping in Hawaii.

The outerwear section.

"Whats the big deal?" you may ask. 

Let me remind you. This is shopping in Hawaii. No one needs a coat here. Back in college, I used to get compliments on how many nice coats I had. That was thanks go shopping in Hawaii.

Anyway, not only was my size available, the items were heavily discounted. See for yourself.


Long Black Belted Coat
Original Price: $79
Sale Price: $20

Now, this coat, in black, isn't available on H&M's site, but they have a dark blue one listed at $39.99. Not quite the $20 price, but still better than $79!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the next couple of items on the site, so if you're interested and have a store nearby, it might be worth checking out!


Navy Blue Jacket
Original Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $20


Green Dress with White Polka Dots
Original Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $20, but it ended up being FREE with the sale promotion.  

Spent $40, saved $135.

Thats a bargain if I've ever seen one, and this is one happy shopper. :)

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