Happy New Year!

It has been a week since the celebration of the new year, and boy, not quite the week I expected.

I started it off, quite literally, with the flu. Haha. Day 1, down.

And, while that sucked because I spent 2 out of my 4-day weekend in fetal position on the couch, a week sleeping apart from Melvin because I didn't want to get him sick before his upcoming work trips, and, so far, all of the new year in my apartment, I'm alive, and I am happy.

I have things to be grateful for.

A fiancé who made me chicken noodle soup and prepared meals for me before he left on his work trip.

A job at a company that allows me to work from home while sick. A perk that I love and do not take lightly.

Time... to start and finish reading my first book of 2017... to research and do more wedding-related things that I have otherwise been putting off... to spend with our bird, Rosco, who was pissed at me for a while for basically abandoning him when we moved out of Melvin's parents house... to re-watch Grey's for the billionth time... to rest.

Oh, rest. That has been a beautiful thing.

Anyway, here I am a week later, feeling much better than I have all week, though with a persistent cough that seems to not want to leave...

I still haven't left the house yet. Planned to this morning, but the weather is kinda... messy, so we changed our minds. Haha. 

One additional note before I close off this post, there's a huge thing to celebrate. One of my lovely sisterhood members got engaged yesterday, and I am thrilled for their little family! Super exciting news! Congratulations Tiani, Tony, and little Miss Bailey! Love you guys, and I'm so excited for the new journey you're about to embark on! 

That said, though the weather outside is frightful, live on the bright side.

3 months to go

3 months to go

Bright Side Jessica and the Year 2016

Bright Side Jessica and the Year 2016