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Bright Side Jessica and the Woven Pear Subscription

April is here! That means a new subscription!

I must admit, I veered slightly off course in terms of my original list, but when I tell you why, you'll understand.

If you can remember, I listed 10 subscription boxes, I wanted to try one box per month till the end of the year. Box #1 was Stitch Fix, and Box #2 is...


Yes, Woven Pear, a box that wasn't on my original list, but is one similar to one of the other boxes. I've replaced Foot Cardigan with Woven Pear, which is another sock subscription box. I believe they're new to the subscription box scene so I'm excited to be trying them out!

I discovered it through via an email they sent out as a partner of Groopdealz, which included a coupon code for 10% off your April order. I took them up on that offer and got 10% off + Free Shipping?! Winning! 

Instead of getting 1 pair a month for $9 that Foot Cardigan offers, Woven Pear offers 3 pairs a month for $24.99. When I added the coupon, it ended up being $22.49.

I'm super excited to get my new socks. Those of you who know me, know I've loved fun socks forever. It was basically my statement piece back in high school when I was in uniform all the time. 

Anyway, sit tight. I'll write up a post when I get it delivered!

Live on the Bright Side,


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