5 Ways to Optimize Your Stitch Fix Experience

Now that I've given Stitch Fix a try, I thought I'd give you all a rundown on how you can optimize your experience with Stitch Fix! Whether you're considering giving Stitch Fix a try or have tried Stitch Fix a few times without any real luck in finding a perfect fit, I'm hoping this helps improve your experience.

1. Create a style board on Pinterest.

This is probably the most helpful thing for your stylist. Near the end of the style profile form, you have the ability to share your style board on Pinterest to further guide your stylist in deciphering what you like. Now, as simple as that sounds, I'm going to take it a step further and say, MAKE SURE YOUR PINTEREST BOARD IS REPRESENTATIVE OF YOU. Make sure your posts reflect outfits and styles you not only like, but actually wear. I, personally, like a lot of different styles, but I'm aware that out of all the things I like, I only really loooove certain things for myself. It's very important that you make that distinction so your stylist doesn't pair you with things you like that you wouldn't wear.

2. Be honest about what you like, love, and really dislike.

As mentioned previously in my Stitch Fix Sign-Up post, there's a portion of the style profile that shows 3 sets of different outfits that fit within similar styles. Do yourself a favor and make sure you respond by what you actually wear, not just what you like.

3. Schedule your fix carefully.

You have 3 business days after you receive your fix to try everything and decide what you want to keep or return. I didn't take that into too much consideration as I scheduled my post. I just chose the earliest day I could receive it. That said, I found myself scrambling on a Thursday night creating content for an unboxing video and modeling my clothes for a blog post. Now, that's an example for bloggers, but for you busy women out there, be sure to consider your personal schedules.

4. Be thorough with your notes.

After you've tried everything on, you have to sign back in to Stitch Fix to let them know what items you'll be keeping and returning. They ask basic questions like if the price was too low, too high, or just right, but they also have a note section. Give your stylist a fair chance by leaving detailed notes about what did and didn't work. Though I only kept 1 out of the 5 items my stylist picked out for me, I made it very clear that everything else fit great and that I would've bought more had it not been for the prices.

5. Give yourself the time to decide.

If you happen to have an experience like mine where you love most of the things in your box, but shouldn't buy them all, give yourself the 3 days to decide. Tear open your box immediately, try on the outfits, and take the next few days to decide. 

I hope this helps improve your experience! If you have any additional tips, please feel free to share in the comment section below!

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