Quick little announcement!

In an effort to define my personal brand more, I've decided to more consciously post projects and product posts on my Bright Side Jessica Instagram account that adhere more closely with my branding. The pure, white backgrounds with the occasional pops of color within my feed feature various products, handmade knitted goods, lettering projects, and whatever else I feel like adding.

However, as I started being more careful about consistency throughout my feed, I couldn't help but want to post more candid shots. So, I've created a new, personal account to post more personal images! This account will have more behind the scenes, work in progress, fashion, fun, and food-related shots. Here, you'll get to know me, Jessica Palola โ€“ a Harry Potter-loving, scarf-knitting, baby-loving, lifestyle blogger.

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That said, I'd really appreciate if join me on the bright side at both brightsidejessica and jessicapalola accounts on Instagram!

Let's live on the Bright Side together!


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