Cavallini & Co Warehouse Sale

Once a year on a magical weekend in November, Cavallini & Co. has a warehouse sale, and every year, I find out a day or two before. That means, I cancel Saturday morning plans (in the off-chance I have them) in order to accommodate this spontaneous plan to take advantage of some insanely awesome deals. 

This year, I finished 90% of my gift shopping in this single trip alone. Best. Thing. Ever. That's also why I haven't posted about this earlier even though that was back in November. I didn't want to be spoiling any surprises. Haha. But, now that Christmas is over and gifts have been distributed and opened, I thought it only appropriate to share some of the awesome items I picked up.

In addition to these notebooks, stickers, postcards, and magnets, they also have gift bags of a bunch of stuff, calendars, picture frames, and gift wrap – all of which are at fantastic price points.

To give you an idea of how good the prices can get:

  • Large wall calendars go from being $21.95 to $10
  • Gift Wrap retails at approximately $5+ a sheet (I think), and you can get 4 sheets for $1
  • Notebooks are 3 for $10
  • Paper Tape is 3 for $10

So, if you love paper goods and don't mind standing in line forever, I highly recommend it!


ATTN: SF Bay Area Holiday Lovers

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