Style Me December

I considered skipping this post entirely because of my dismal attempt – or lack thereof – at doing the December Instagram Style Challenge. However, for the sake of being honest and upfront about it, don't expect much.

I started the first few days out strong and consistent...

12.01.15 Deck Your Neck
12.03.15 Candy Caned Stripes
12.02.15 Pear Tree Greens
12.09.15 Christmas Miracle on Sale

Then the excitement of the holidays kicked in. And by that I mean, we started having themed holiday dress-up days at work – Ugly/Tacky Sweater Days, Onesie/Pajama Days, etc.

So here's where I took matters into my own hands and dressed up for the holidays... Red lips, red and green outfits, and the most comfortable onesies I've ever owned...

So, I personally consider the opportunity to be spirited a fantastic excuse. Agree or disagree? Haha.

Live on the Bright & Spirited Side,


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