Planning Your Blog Posts

As I get more focused on my blog this year, one of my goals is to include more posts that provide value instead of mainly having personal posts. With that as a goal, I know that planning will be key. I will have to be vigilant about prepping content ahead of time in order to accomplish those things.

In order to do that, I've implemented the use of a notebook, planner, and post-its to start drafting and scheduling my posts. 

Let's break this down, shall we?


The notebook is for everything — the ideating of what kinds of posts to write about, the drafting of each post. Anything and everything goes in here. The goal is for this notebook to be the brainstorm book of chicken scratch notes, posts, and doodles. Let the ideas flow.

The year has just started, and I'm already 10+ pages into my pocket-sized notebook with ideas and drafts. This thing will be filling up quickly if I manage to stay on track with it.


The planner is life. Not literally, obviously, but it is your agenda, your calendar. If you're not a planner person, a calendar would work fine too. 

I personally prefer weekly/monthly planners for personal and professional purposes. I use the weekly planner portion mainly for work, so the monthly sections are fair game for anything and everything else. I use the monthly views to figure out what days I want to post about what subjects. I also use it as a guide to see what events I have coming up that I might consider writing about.


The post-its represent your blog posts. Each post-it should have a blog post title — or at least working title — on it so you can see what posts you want to schedule on what days.

My particular method of using these post-its includes a color-coding structure. Each post-it color represents a different category, so as I stick a post-it onto the calendar, I can see if I'm posting too much of one category vs. another. This helps me plan around events to make sure related posts are intermixed with other types of posts so it doesn't seem like I keep posting about the same topic. 

Having these color-coded post-it categories gives me an all-encompassing view of whether or not I'm writing a good variety of posts or if I'm writing, say, too many personal posts and not enough project-related ones. Not to mention, it makes a wonderfully colorful spread. :)

I've added more post-its than the one shown in the photo above, but I'm still considering the rest of the month in order to see how I want to break that down.

If you'd like to join me in applying this method to your planning process, please feel free to let me know how it works out for you! And if you have any additional tips or suggestions for this process, please let me know in the comments below!

Live on the Bright and Colorful Side!


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