7 Outfits for 3 1/2 Days

AHHH. So many outfits for so few days!

I've just finished up packing for Alt, and let me tell you, it was way more difficult than I originally had anticipated. Haha.

While I'll only be gone 3 1/2 days, I've had to account for at least two outfits a day, not counting pajamas. :P

In order to manage outfit planning, plus space in my carry-on, I've enlisted in Polyvore to simulate different outfits I could create using some of the same pieces of clothing and accessories.

Now, while I'm not using each one of the outfits shown above, I am planning on wearing a few variations of them since I don't have exactly what was available on Polyvore. I just kind of picked whatever was similar to stuff I have in my closet.

And other than that, I've packed my notebook, business cards, pens, knitting (for the plane), and other basic toiletries for my trip.

I'm so excited for this! Even the introvert in me is excited to be going to a new place, learning, and networking with people who have the potential to be lifelong friends and support.

Live on the Bright and Space-Saving Side,



So Much Gratitude