Prepping for Alt Winter 2016


I will be attending the Altitude Summit Conference next week and I am feeling anxiously excited for it! As an introvert, I am apprehensive about networking, but as a person who wants to create meaningful connections with other people/bloggers who have similar interest as me, I know it's necessary, not just for my blog, but also for personal and professional development.

Anyway, part of that process is the exchanging of contact info via business cards, and hopefully remembering who gave it to you. Haha. Now, I consider myself a person with the mind of a steel trap for birthdays, special memories, etc., but when it comes to people, I am prone to having face blindness. So, I'll be approaching my business card exchanging with a method I saw on Instagram from Julia Fain of Tag and Tibby.

What You Need:

  1. Notebook

  2. Pen

  3. Business Cards

  4. Tape

Basically, you'll want to have these things on hand during the conference and take some time throughout the day to tape the business cards into your notebook and write a little note to accompany each.

I can't wait to get started, and I'm hoping I take copious notes so I remember each and everyone of you beautiful souls.

What's your prep looking like? Please share some of your favorite networking tips below!

Live on the Bright Side,


So Much Gratitude

ATTN: SF Bay Area Holiday Lovers