Friday Fashion Finds: Kate Spade Goreski Glasses

I love adding quirky pieces to my outfits. In most cases those pieces come in the form of jewelry, and what I'm showing here is no different.

Now, I'm a huge Kate Spade fan. Some items are a little TOO quirky for me, but these Goreski Glasses earrings and necklace are super cute. I'd totally wear them!

Now, if that's too much gold for you, there's also some Goreski Glasses pieces with black frames like this ring and bangle:

I'm not a huge bangle/bracelent person. I find that bracelets just get in my way while I'm working at my computer, but this particular bangle has personality and might just make me reconsider wearing one. Haha.

How do you guys feel about these? I'd love to hear what you think!

Live on the Bright Side,


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