Hi again! It is the middle of the month, so I'm checking in with you all to let you know what's currently going on in the world of Bright Side Jessica!


When Morning Comes by Francis Ray

Though I haven't finished reading Creative Confidence yet, I decided to start up another novel. In the two days I've been reading it, I've been able to cover half the book already. I'm guessing I'll be done by the end of the week, but we'll see if time allows that.


Coral Scarf

I've been working on this scarf for what feels like FOREVER. I remember taking a break from it while I was sick last month. Then I went to Hawaii and didn't knit there, and once I came back, I went full force on finishing up my friend's wedding invitation suite. So, now I finally have time to come back to finishing up this project. Hopefully, I won't be derailed again so I can wrap this up and start up on the next one. Haha.



About having a good weekend filled with a mixture of rest, fun, productivity, and—of course—food. I got a lot done this weekend, but still managed to fit in some fun and relaxation, though Game 5 of the NBA Finals had me a little tense sometimes. Haha. Go Warriors!


About the next few weeks that I'll be out of the office on location for our catalog shoot. I'm excited to see everything come to life! I'm also excited about the blog prep I was able to get done this weekend. Can't wait to eventually share it with you all!

What's new in your world? Any fun happenings being shared on your blog? Feel free to share in the comments below!

In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful (short) Monday!

Live on the Bright Side!

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