One Year Ago Today: Waipi'o Valley

One year ago today, during a company-sponsored trip to Hawaii, I had the pleasure of visiting Waipi'o Valley in the Big Island. To say it was beautiful is an understatement. It was paradise. With a small community of people living in the valley with no electricity or running water, you really got to see the camaraderie and the appreciate the inhabitants have for the land.

We drove down a steep road into the valley, and our first stop had a view of these waterfalls. Unfortunately, I can't remember their names or their story, but they were beautiful.

I got slightly distracted by this spider that was having a meal near our stopping point. I don't like spiders, but I couldn't help myself from capturing this moment. Haha. Turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

We drove straight over the runoff from the waterfalls, which was fun and captivating to watch.


I got a handful of pikake flowers, which are my favorite, fragrance-wise.

Our tour guide pointed out avocado trees, banana trees, guava trees. You name it. He told us about how hibiscus buds are edible and plucked a handful of them for us to try. It didn't taste like much, but it was part of the experience.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the wild horses. They were beautiful. They came up to the van and got some treats from our guide. The female got really close to my window, so I even got to pet her! She was a beauty.

Before we knew it, our trip came to a close, but not before we saw more of the greenery that the valley had to offer.

That tour was worth all the mosquito bites...


That part wasn't fun, but it really was worth seeing some of Hawaii's natural beauty. I'd recommend that tour to everyone.

Live on the Bright Side,

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