Backyard Adventures Pt. 1

When is the last time you went on an adventure around where you live?

Melvin and I went on a spontaneous drive this past weekend to a place nearby called Devil's Slide Coastal Trail in Pacifica. We were there around 3pm, and it was populated by cyclists, runners, and folks like us who were just there for a walk with a view.

And let me tell you... The view...

Just beautiful.

I'll just let you see for yourself though... Enjoy!

We left after watching the sun set and decided we would have more adventures like this. After all... It is in our backyard.

Stay tuned for more of our backyard adventures! And for those of you who know the Bay Area well, we're taking recommendations for where we should go next! Let us know your favorite spots in the comment section below!

Have a bright day!


Off We Go