How to Counter a Case of the Mondays

For most people, Mondays are the worst. It's the first day back after either a really great weekend (in which case you never want it to end) or a really bad one (in which case is prolonged by Monday). This Monday morning, I'm sharing a few tips to hopefully help you improve your Moody Mondays. So here we go...

Get Some Rest

Make it a point on Sunday night to go to sleep early. Let yourself get a full night's rest before the start of your work week. 

Start Fresh

Mondays generally signify the start of a new week. Why not start it fresh? Bring the good vibes from the weekend with you and leave the bad ones behind. Mondays are hard enough as it is, sometimes. No need to make it more difficult by harboring negativity from the previous week/weekend.

Give Yourself Time

Give yourself extra time on Monday mornings to get back into the swing of things. You may have let yourself sleep in on the weekend or kept up with your early morning schedule. Either way, allow yourself some extra time so you don't have to rush around getting ready for your day. The last thing you want to do is leave your house flustered because you slept in and had to scramble to get ready.

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, but instead of rushing to drink it, take a seat and get cozy. Let the smell and taste of your delicious coffee course through your system to wake you up.

Dress Up

Some Mondays, I just feel like rolling out of bed, throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, and calling it a day, or rather, "outfit." Instead of "dressing your mood", fight those feelings back and put some effort into your look. Wear those new jeans you bought over the weekend or take that Kate Spade purse out of your closet. Give yourself something to be excited about. You'll look good and feel great!

Greet Someone

On your way to work, greet someone "Good Morning!" I find that sharing a morning greeting (ideally with a genuine smile) not only has the potential to cheer someone up, it also makes you feel great knowing that your positive vibes are being passed on.

So, give it a try this morning! Change your thinking and pass on some positivity!

Live on the bright side!

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