Scheduling Blog Posts

One of the things I'm learning on this journey of being a lifestyle blogger is that a lot of planning is involved. I not only have to plan ahead to figure out what to post about, I also have to plan when to post and schedule in time to write the post and take photos for it.

Now, I don't know how you other bloggers do it, but I tend to write the post and take photos for the posts separately due to the fact that I prep my posts at night and take photos during the day over the weekends. Naturally, that takes some extra planning because of this thing called life, but I think I'm managing it ok for the newbie blogger that I am.

As part of my preparation process, I've created an editorial calendar to plan ahead and figure out when to schedule my posts for certain topics.

For those of you, who, like me, are just starting out or getting serious about postings on a more frequent basis, it really doesn't have to be anything fancy. I just use the monthly calendar in my planner and a few sticky notes. I write my topics on the sheets and stick them wherever I want or wherever is most appropriate. Since I'm working on posting more frequently than I did last year, I've schedule my posting days to be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. While I may not hit all three days, I try to do two of them at a minimum.

What I love about the sticky notes is that nothing is final. Just because you put a note on a certain day for publishing a post, It doesn't mean you have to stick to it (no put intended). Using sticky notes makes it extremely easy to move posts around and rearrange them in case things pop up in your schedule.

So far, I think it's been working quite nicely for me. I've tested it throughout the month of February and even though I've had to move several things around, I still consider it a success. Now to continue planning for March...

Fellow bloggers, what works for you? I'd like to hear how you approach planning and prepping your posts!

Have a bright day!

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