Gifts for the Coworkers

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this time of year is prime time crafting season. That not only applies to decorating your homes for the holidays, but it also applies to gift giving! And though most of the gifts I've given were store-bought, I did do my share of crafts for my coworkers. :)

For the past three years, I've given Christmas gifts to all of my coworkers. This year was no different. I didn't take my standard approach of attaching charms to their gifts, but I did make it a little more personal. I presented each of my coworkers with small, personalized hand-lettered ornaments. :)

And, for the first time ever, I did some self-promotion for my Etsy shop with little labels that I adhered to the back of each ornament. It was weird for me at first. I felt a little unsure about whether or not I should do it, but I figured I owed it to myself to at least let other people know about it. Several of my coworkers knew about my ventures outside of work before that, and they were so supportive that a few of them even bought scarves from me! :D Yay! So, it was great hearing comments like "I didn't know you had a shop! I'm going to have to check it out!"

Anyway, this was a last minute project since I didn't get the materials till a few days before, so I had to manually create and cut the labels using my handy-dandy cutting mat and X-acto knife.

Then I adhered them to the back of the ornaments using double-sided tape. The kraft paper color I had on hand wasn't the perfect shade to blend in with the chipboard of the ornament, but it was close enough. :P Didn't want it to blend in fully anyway. I thought it would be nice to keep it subtle, but still noticeable.

As far as the actual lettering goes, I struggled with some more than others. If their names were particularly long, I had to plan ahead to make sure I fit all the letters in a way that wasn't squished. Some of the ornaments had a rougher chalkboard surface than others so it wore down my chalk pencils fairly quickly; hence the thicker strokes on some names and thinner ones on others. But, I made it through, so it all worked out in the end. :)

I really enjoyed creating these gifts for my coworkers. It was nice being able to give them each something unique and personal to them, not to mention I had a lot of fun doing it!

What do you think? Cute? Cool? Fun? All of the above? Let me know what you think!

Live on the Bright Side,