Holiday Decorating Pt. 1

Happy December! Tis the season for holiday decorating!

Technically, I've been doing a little decorating for the past couple of weekends, so I'm almost fully prepped for Christmas. I figured what better way to start off the month of December than with a holiday decorating post!

In my apartment, there are two main areas I deck out for the holidays – the living room and the bathroom counter. While I continue to work on decorating the living room (it's 90% there), I thought I'd show you how the bathroom counter turned out!

Given the limited space, I used white tabletop trees that I bought from Treetopia three years ago to turn the countertop into a fabulous holiday display. In the past, I've decorated these trees with red and turquoise ornaments or mint and charcoal grey ornaments, but this year, I went for the gold! Lots and lots of it!

These tabletop trees come as a set of 3 – 2 at 18in and 1 at 24in – so it creates a nice little grove on the counter and really allows you to showcase a beautiful set vs. a single tabletop tree. Unfortunately, due to age and exposure to light and air, my trees have started to yellow a little, so I faced the yellow sections towards the back and covered up the reflection in the mirror using gold picks. 

As far as ornaments go, I reused gold ball ornaments I purchased from Macy's last year in addition to new smaller ball ornaments from JoAnn. I also had excess ribbon from my main tree that I folded in half and weaved through the trees.

For fun, I also added these gold origami stars. I used to fold hundreds of these in high school and make leis with them, so it was quite nostalgic making them this time around.

As far as tree skirts go, I've traditionally only purchased one tree skirt for the largest tree, and I continued that tradition with a new gold chevron skirt from Target and an added little twist.

Since these trees took the place of where I normally keep my makeup and jewelry, I had to figure out where I could keep my jewelry so that it could still be easily accessible.

Then it hit me...

Jewelry trays! 

Lucky for me, J.Crew Factory was having a sale on these pretty jewelry trays I had my eyes on for a while, so I picked up a few to use in place of a tree skirt. It works perfectly because I get to enjoy beautiful holiday decorations while still conveniently displaying the jewelry I wear on a daily basis.

Tada! The finished set!

So how'd I do with my decorating and improvising? I had a lot of fun with it and can't wait to hear what you guys think!

Live on the bright side and stay golden, my friends.


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