All Good Things, All Good Things

2015 is well on it's way, and I've been re-inspired not only to work on my resolutions, but also do what I did last year and write the happy, notable things that happen throughout the year. I should note that last year, I may have stopped writing things down after August when Melvin and I got our apartment... buuut... that's a different subject...

While I haven't taken the time yet to review last year's set of wonderful things, I have started writing down happy things from this year. I can't help but feel happy about the fact that some of my personal accomplishments so far also relate to my resolutions for this year, but I'm not settling. I've got 11 months left to keep it up, so I'd appreciate any encouragement! 

That being said, I'd encourage you all to write down the happy things that come your way. I'm sure it'll provide you with lots of memories by the end of the year.

In the words of Olaf...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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