Nesting, Pt. 1

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Before I get into details with our nesting progress, I want to give a quick thanks to all of you who shared some of your moving tips and tricks. We are learning a lot along the way (like the fact that I have A LOT of stuff), and it's been a pretty interesting and exciting experience.

Melvin and I are starting our third week in our apartment, and things are slowly coming along. Some rooms are coming together quicker than others. Surprisingly, our kitchen was the first to be pretty much set. Melvin's mom gave us a lot of cooking supplies and food to begin with, so that has been incredibly helpful. One of the things Melvin was extremely amused about was the fact that we have no need to buy cups. I love coffee mugs and have been collecting some pretty awesome ones over the past few years, so it was surprising for him to see me unpacking cups he had never seen before because I never used them. I'll share some of my favorites in a later post, I'm sure.

Our biggest work in progress is our living room. We're still waiting on our sofa bed and TV stand to be delivered from IKEA, but in the meantime, we have smaller things around the apartment to keep us occupied. We have yet to put anything on the walls since we want to see how everything is going to look once we have all the furniture in and have all our books shelves organized. I'm also still waiting on Melvin to bring in some of his posters so we can share the wall space as equally as possible.

Our bathroom is coming along nicely. We've been utilizing our bathroom closet and counter in a clean and organized manner. For some visual appeal, I'm using a couple mason jars to store things like cotton balls and Q-tips. I'm thinking about getting a tray for the counter that I can place smaller trinkets and things in, but I'm not in a rush to get that just yet.

As for our bedroom/work room, it is in a better place than the living room, but is still in need of some organizing, though that applies more to the work room side of things. In addition to the sofa bed and TV stand, I'm also waiting on a wood bench to arrive so I can house my printer and papers there, which will significantly help with the organizing since I have papers everywhere. 

All in all, most of what's left to do is organizing. Half of that includes purging things that I no longer need like old papers and school work that I still have, but that is naturally just part of the organizing process that will happen over the next few days.

We don't have internet yet, so I've been (im)patiently waiting to update you all on our progress. (I had to upload these photos while we had internet access at Melvin's parents' house.) Fortunately, the plan is to have the internet issue all set by tonight so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that actually happens!

Lastly, here's a little bit of cuteness to wrap this post up:

Have a wonderful day!


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