Moving Forward

As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have been MIA for the past two months. I purposefully took some time off from posting anything to spend time with my younger sister while she was in town for an internship with the company I work for. Now, there are several things I’d like to catch up on in terms of her stay here, but I think I’ll do that over a span of several posts.

In addition to those posts, I have some exciting news to share…

Melvin and I just got our first apartment!

It was an incredibly quick process, and I think we’re both still in awe of how quickly it all happened…

Day 1: Saw the listing, requested a viewing, toured the unit, and applied.

Day 2: Filled out some last minute paperwork, got approved, signed the lease, and got the keys!


We are feeling so incredibly blessed, and we haven’t stopped thanking God for it all. We’re so excited to be starting this new phase of our journey together!

Anyway, you can expect to hear a mix about my sister’s extended stay and our moving process in the next few weeks! I hope you’re all excited because I sure am! 

Stay Happy,


First Steps

You make me smile.