The Countdown Begins

Today, the countdown begins.

30 days till Melvin and I join my coworkers in Kona, Hawaii for a reward/relaxation trip! (Um, have I mentioned how much I love my job?) Even though we have the entire month of April to get through (and it's jam packed with work), we all can't wait! There has already been talk of purchasing outfits and swimwear for Hawaii as well as planning what we're going to be doing when we're not all together as a company. Ah! I apologize for saying this again, but... WE. ARE. SO. EXCITED.

Anyway, we will be spending five days on the Big Island relaxing and exploring, and then Melvin and I are headed back to Oahu so I can celebrate my birthday, my godson's birthday, and Mother's Day with my family! I feel so excited and so blessed. I'm also quite amused because when Melvin and I went to Maui with my family earlier this year, I told him that we'd go to the Big Island next. Lo, and behold, it turns out I didn't need to plan for that at all because of this company trip. Yay!

I could go on more about how excited I am, but I'll save more of that for later posts! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! Happy April! And no, this is not an April Fool's prank.  :)


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