I heard it was scarf season

I finally did it! Well, sorta...

On January 1, 2014, I wrote a post about a few things I wanted to do this year, and one of those things was "Sell Goods on Etsy". While I may have created an Etsy account and prepped my handmade goods, I did NOT end up posting the products on Etsy.

I have, however, posted them here on my site... IN MY SHOP! I know, I know. I cut it close with this goal since it's the last day of the year. Haha.

Yes, I, Jessica Palola, am now in the business of selling handmade scarves. Kinda. I wouldn't say it's some huge venture, but it's definitely been in the works for a while, so I am thrilled to announce that it is official! 

I only have three scarves posted in my shop at the moment, but it's all I needed to get this started. Check it out!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Year's Eve & Day!

Stay safe and live on the bright side!


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