O Christmas Tree

I grew up celebrating Christmas at home in Hawaii with my family. Our traditions included having macaroni soup on Christmas Eve, opening presents at midnight, having my aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews all come over on Christmas day, and taking lots and lots of photos around our beautifully decorated, real Christmas tree.

Fast forward to today...

While my family still maintains those traditions, I'm across the ocean in California working on creating my own.

The biggest change—so far—has been our Christmas tree. I've always been a huge fan of real trees for Christmas and was always extremely opposed to the idea of getting an artificial one... even when I started working at a company that sells artificial Christmas trees.... But, here I am, two years later... a proud owner of a beautiful artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. Yah, yah, shameless plug. Haha.

My order came in one large (and heavy) box, and I started setup right away. Putting the three pieces together was easy enough since the light plug system is built into the tree "trunk". Did I mention it's a pre-lit tree? The part that took the longest was the fluffing. It took me a few hours to separate the tree branches and get it to look full, but I got it to a good place.

Did I mention how realistic it is?

Tada! My 7.5ft. Vermont White Spruce Narrow tree in all it's undecorated glory. 

But there's more...

My tree is now decorated!

Way back in January, I went on a small spree buying Christmas ornaments/decorations on Clearance, so I had pretty much everything I needed once I got the tree. I also had the added pressure of knowing that I haven't decorated a tree in years (because my mom's a genius at it), so that was a fun experience.

I topped off the tree with pretty snowflakes...

pretty feather picks...

pretty glass finials...

and pretty ball ornaments.

And, even though we don't have a mantel, we needed stockings, which happen to be placed above our TV instead of a fireplace.

And last, but not least, the final shot of the only part of our living room clean enough to photograph. Haha.

So what do you guys think??? Let me know!

Hope everyone's having happy holidays!


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