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I am officially on vacation back home in Hawaii, and it is feeling fantastic to be back. My boyfriend and I arrived yesterday afternoon, and after being picked up by my mom, we picked up my younger sister and her boyfriend (and a bunch of food) and arrived at the hotel my parents got us for the weekend shortly after.

Now, a good portion of my day was spent with a headache, which made it difficult to want to be outside considering how bright it was. Thankfully, I figured it was a coffee withdrawal headache so I solved that issue quickly and was able to enjoy the rest of my night with my family.

Here are a few shots I was able to take with my phone last night. I'll post the better ones I took with my camera later. Enjoy! 


Now, while we're out here on vacation, my boyfriend and I decided we would make a focused effort to not be on our phones as much as normal, with my personal exception being to take pictures or blog.

With that said, I will be signing off now and getting ready to have breakfast with some Disney characters! 



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