Welcome, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm glad to be starting my first post of the new year on my new site. Thanks Squarespace! 

It'll come as no surprise that this post relates to my personal goals for this year. Since I'd like to hold myself accountable one way or another, I thought I'd share some of them:

  • Blog more. Hence the new site.
  • Throw some caution to the wind. I tend to never throw any, which has held me back from things a little more often than I'd like to admit.
  • Sell goods on Etsy. This has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now, and I STILL haven't gotten past creating an account.
  • Learn how to knit patterns other than basic ribbing. My coworker gave me the book 400 Knitting Stitches, so that should help in the learning process.
  • Stay organized. I have a relatively easy time getting organized, it's staying organized that's the problem.
  • Craft more. Having this blog should provide some incentive.
  • Design and doodle more. This should also be helped by blogging more and selling things on Etsy.
  • Go outside more. I am very much a homebody, and I'd like to take more time to be out in nature.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a wonderful New Year's Day!

Stay Inspired, 

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